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Eclectic aural tastiness. Downtempo, background beats and chill grooves to bring the lights down and the vibe up.

My friend Bingo is a man of many talents. He's a husband, a father of four girls, financial advisor, soccer coach, screenwriter, and restaurant owner.

For more than twenty years he's been curating music at his restaurant + lounge based on his tastes, programming beats for his customers on a nightly basis. I remember him handing me a branded flash drive with his selections years ago. He created on in-house jukebox system. He knows his stuff. I love that he's introduced me to genres that I know little about. Our music backgrounds differ, but we're now introducing our styles to each other. Finding middle ground.

from Bingo:

Way, way back in the MOOD time machine, my memories were always crafted, twisting and twining around the background beats filling the space depending on MOOD. Fortunate that music was always on and also playing in my head.

These days, when kids are in bed and the lights turn low, maybe it's listening with my co pilot in life or trying to write a new story. Background beats put just enough texture in the ethos to ease the vibe. Here's an eclectic trip thru one such recent MOOD. I hope you enjoy.

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