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Big Head Todd & the Monsters - College Street Music Hall - New Haven 1/27/24

Just a Circle

Three college friends walked ticketless into a crowded restaurant, an hour before doors. Somehow it all came together. Bar seats opened up, and tickets were quickly acquired. The old stories and laughs came back quickly. The @Geronimo margaritas kicked in quickly. At showtime, we made the short walk across the parking lot behind College Street Music Hall and paused in the alley to talk, per tradition.

It's hard not to love this beautiful hometown theatre of ours. Early in the show Todd looked up to the balcony and reminded us how lucky we were to have such a lovely venue to experience music. It's the kind of room that artists admire - with all the history and the right feels.

The two-hour highly entertaining set mixed classic BHTM material like "Bittersweet", "Broken Hearted Savior" and "It's Alright", with just the right amount of new tracks sprinkled in. If you want to hear new material from the band - check out the latest single "Her Way Out" (not performed).

Some of the evening's most enjoyable moments came during a highly entertaining selection of covers - "Sittin' and Cryin' the Blues" (Willie Dixon), "Brandy" (Looking Glass), and fan favorite "Boom Boom" (John Lee Hooker).

There is a reason that "Circle" closes the set. It's not their most streamed track, nor the biggest sing-along - but it may be their most intense song. The power of the track draws you in, from the first notes. We knew what was coming next, and had been waiting for it.

rise and fall

turn the wheel

'cause all life is

is really just a circle

A raucous encore of Tom Petty's "You Wreck Me", a standard of the tour, closed the show, leaving the crowd and our ears buzzing. The full setlist for the show is available here.

As we exited the hall into the booming New Haven nightlife scene, we discussed how this music that had been so core to our youth still felt vibrant and contemporary.

Good things happen when you say yes to concert plans, especially at the last moment. We were thankful for the reminder that going back to your roots can be an enjoyable part of moving forward, helping to put things back in perspective.

The great artists, the ones who get it, remind us that the past and future are not separate things.

It's all connected - all a circle.

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