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Bleachers - Westville Music Bowl 6/7/24

First time at a Bleachers show, and I'm so grateful to end that streak. Jack Antonoff and his band treated the stage like three-year-olds at their favorite playground on this Friday evening - climbing and jumping off things, taking each other's spots, and generally having a great time up there. And that energy was reflected back from the wildly enthusiastic crowd to make for an uplifting and powerful experience.

A beautiful afternoon had turned dark and rainy just as the band was about to take the stage, the fans were optimistic but nervous. Luckily, the weather cleared quickly. "Don't worry" the guy next to me said, "we're about to get triple sax soloed." The crowd made up of mostly 20- and 30-somethings knew every word, every chorus. "Modern Girl" - the second song of the evening off the new album got the floor shaking.

Friday night, killer queens

Hop a train, on the scene

All the band is in the wild

Don't you dare touch the dial

We dressed up like a heart attack for ya

It should be no surpirse to anyone so well known and regarded for his production would be able to write killer hooks and melodies that are so catchy. I didn't realize how many great songs they have. The name of this tour - 'From the Studio to the Stage' seems to reference the fact that there is a question if they can bring it live, and they proved it. Jack is an energetic wild frontman, and watching him go from serious to loose, poignant to humorous from one song to the next was entertaining.

Being a newbie and trying to make sense of the band, my mind kept comparing them to the National, something in the delivery of the two frontmen. But whereas the National are known for their "sad dad" music, the Bleachers are more "happy grad" genre - Jack has a pop sensibility that comes through in his work as lyrics, hooks, sax solos, and audience participation - in all the right ways. The more I listen to the catalog, the more I enjoy it. It's the kind of music to blast in the car with the windows down.

Other highlights included "How Dare You Want More", "Me Before You", "Rollercoaster" and "I Wanna Get Better".

After seeing this band live, I count myself a new fan. Seeing Jack live showcased his soul and spirit, something that's harder to discover online. Since the biggest names in music trust him, shouldn't you?

This playlist shares the same setlist of this performance.

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