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Capitol Groove - Bushnell Park - Hartford, CT 6/29/24

Sometimes, you have to take a chance. Not knowing what to expect from a rookie festival, with a dubious forecast and a solo adventure, I headed North looking to clear my head and get lost in the music for a day. Bushnell Park is a fantastic venue, with the golden-domed Capitol Building at the top of the hill, sloping gently down to the stage providing a natural amphitheater and great sight lines, with plenty of space to dance, sit, and move around.

Overall, I couldn't have been more impressed with the diversity of the lineup, the vibe, and the overall experience of The Capitol Groove.

Say She She was worth the effort to arrive early, setting the tone with their funk/pop/disco sounds, dance routines, and immaculate style. If they are new to you, listen to "Forget Me Not" and give them a shot if they come your way.

Ozomatli - This Cali band has been around for years, and if you live on the West Coast they are probably familiar with party music. How many bands combine funk, jazz, salsa, rock and reggae? "Afterparty" seemed to sum up the mood of the day.

"I wonder if we'll ever find a party that lasts all night.

There's a vibe in the city I've never felt before in my life"

Trampled by Turtles - my second favorite set of the day. Bluegrass stylings, rock sensibility, folk lyrics. These guys made me boogie and warmed by heart at the same time. Highlights "It's So Hard to Hold On", "Starting Over", "Codeine", and "Alone".

One of the stars of this day was the cool breeze filtering through the park. At times it hit the mic and sounded like thunder.

Shakey Graves - My second time seeing this performer with a bit of a hipster following. My favorite tracks "Ready or Not" and "Dearly Departed"

A light rain began to fall, Ponchos were donned. It quickly faded.

The Revivalists - everyone knows a few Revilalists tunes. Frontman David Shaw brings a ton of energy to the stage, climbing into the crowd and up the scaffolding. Loved the pedal steel playing as well. "Wish I knew you when I was young, we could have gotten so high...."

It shouldn't be this easy to find your way to the front to see a band this good so close up...

My Morning Jacket - If anyone deserves to cover "Superstar" by the Carpenter, it's Jim James. This is one of the best bands in the country. Highlights "Mahgeetah", "Wordless Chorus", "Gideon" and an epic "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream" to close the set and show.

Overall I appreciated the diversity of this lineup, the care and thought put into the layout and experience, and the venue's natural beauty. Congratulations to the festival organizers for an amazing mind-altering day.

Bravo Capitol Groove. If they sold next year's tickets on the way out, I would have tapped my credit card.

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