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CT Songwriters Collective - Park City Music Hall - Black Rock, CT 2/13/24

For all the talk about concert ticket price inflation, tonight's songwriters night hosted by the CT Songerwriters Collective at Park City Music Hall offered unbeatable value. For a $5 cover, the evening served as a reminder of how much local talent exists and should be explored. Hosted by Dreg Angus, the 8th episode of this series brought this "Nashville-style" approach of having multiple artists on stage, introducing and performing their own original songs - no "Valerie" covers here as the joke went.

The format consisted of three rounds, three contestants (solo or duo) per round. Having their fellow artists on stage allowed for the artists to interact with each other, commenting on each other styles, reacting to the performances, and even occasionally harmonizing with each other. This was no competition, but rather a communion. Based on the banter, future collaboration between the artists seemed likely.

It was so compelling to hear from the artists how their songs came into existence. The common theme was that song inspiration was a slippery task. While some of the songs came together in flashes of inspiration, many others took years or even decades to piece together all the elements. On Valentine's Eve, several love songs were performed, but also included stories of hard times, growing up, and life lessons.

Park City Music Hall has done a fantastic job bringing all sorts of talent into their stellar-sounding space and adding another must-visit venue to Connecticut's rapidly expanding music universe.

After listening to so many talented musicians pour out their hearts on a snowy February night with a couple of my best friends, I know I'll be back soon.

Lesson learned (remembered?) - go see local live music!!

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