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Goose @ The Cap 4/7/24

Factory Fiction

"It's alright, all the freaks want to come at night

And swim around in the beautiful isolation"

Anticipation was off the charts for this evening, the first of a four-night run at a venue much too small for the band's popularity, and full of hometown fans and family. The debut performance for new drummer Cotter Ellis added to the excitement, with welcome banners hung from the loge. Tickets never hit the general on sale, they sold out a pre-sale lottery easily leaving many out of luck. As a generous consolation, all four nights are being streamed for free, on YouTube.

Sensing a packed GA floor, we got in early and found a spot in front of the soundboard with a rail to lean on and to block traffic. We liked it so much we didn't leave that spot for 4 1/2 hours. A neighbor brought us water in exchange for holding his place. The man holding the goose aloft whose arm never got tired was directly in front, while bubble makers flanked our side. The crowd was ready to go.

The band played two sets. First set highlights included (Flopener) "Flodown", a ferocious "Seekers" jam, and the live debut of "SALT".

Goose is famous for how they reimagine cover songs - and the second set opener, a cover of the Who's "Eminence Font", was one of the finest moments of a terrific night. If you haven't seen Goose, it's easy to get lost in the swaying of the crowd, the high-level light show, and the build and release of the transitions between songs. Goose's music lends itself well to a flow state of mind, especially their live sets. I found my mind having clear and sweeping thoughts, much like driving on the highway. A space both in the moment, but also free to wander.

Other second set standouts included a glorious "Pancakes", "This Old Sea", "Factory Fiction", and a "Yeti" encore.

Goose's success will make seeing them at such a small venue again difficult. We were thankful for the chance to be in that room and to hear them go off - a special night for sure.

Kudos to those who are going back for tonight. After three concerts in four nights - and getting home way past my bedtime, I wondered what I had done to myself.

And when I woke up, I remembered how it eclipsed anything else that happened that day.

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