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Live 70s

Updated: Jan 4

This playlist features stellar live performances from five decades ago. It's difficult to comprehend how this music sounds so relevant and fresh, all these years later. So much of the work done in that decade still resonates today and stands the test of time. Good music is good music.

While several different genres are represented - rock, blues, R&B, soul, folk, reggae, and early Americana - the heart of the playlist is in the grit and vibe of the decade that became famous for being the heyday of the classic rock era, with all its excesses.

Consider this playlist a starting point for your flashback listening. It's not a comprehensive list, but a high-level overview of some of the decade's memorable and noteworthy performances, artists, and songs. The aim was to make something that captured the era's culturally relevant live music, while remaining listenable, with as few skips as possible.

This is one of those playlists that will never be finished, there is so much material to draw upon. If you know a track that you think may fit well on this playlist, drop it in the comments for consideration.

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