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Love All

This playlist is intended to honor and appreciate love in all of its various forms, all year round. Whether you are part of a dysfunctional family, happily married, or single by choice/fate, this collection of songs attempts to remind us that we need to both give and receive love, one of humanity's greatest gifts.

You may feel this love for a child you are caring for, the parents who raised and sacrificed for you, the pet who never leaves your side, or for someone no longer with you except in memory and spirit. It could be a friend who understands you better than anyone, or a mentor who inspires you.

The ideas of love represented on this playlist are the fuel that powers our successes, and the salve that heals us on our toughest of days. They may also be a simple reminder to be more loving to yourself, sometimes the toughest love of all to understand.

These songs together remind us that love and beauty exist and that our hearts receive them better when open. These instances appear at the most unexpected moments in life, best to be ready.

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