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New Beach

Sitting on the beach isn't as easy as it sounds. For those who get it, it's a place of relaxation and isolation, although that feeling rarely comes immediately. You have to settle in. Kick the sand a bit, and feel the salt on your skin. Often the best beaches involve planes and hotels, the stress of traveling, leaving the dog at home, and ignoring the emails from the boss who can't quite get it done without you. You can't expect to chill on demand. These things take time.

Beach music, like the beach novel, has its own feel. You don't want anything too sophisticated, or complicated. Beach music exists to help get you to a place of tranquility, and once you are there, you can feel the vibe.

The tracks on this playlist are taken from the past five or six years, mostly studio work. You'll see a lot of familiar names, and hopefully a few songs that you missed the first time around.

And if Spring Break isn't on your agenda this year, you may be able to feel the ocean breezes if you listen closely enough and close your eyes.

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