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Newport Festivals Gull and Stars - with unannounced musical guests Ken Pomeroy and Iron & Wine - Newport Craft Brewery 5/16/24

It felt strange driving to Newport in May looking for a musical surprise, normally that feeling occurs in Late July. Every year, Newport Festival Foundation hosts a dinner for their donors - members of the Gull and Stars tier. The event was held at the Newport Craft Brewery, which just happens to be located on the spot where the original Folk Fest was held and where Dylan went electric. Although a music guest was announced, it remained a secret until showtime. The mics hinted at two singers. Like all things Newport Folk, the mystery made it more fun - they are good at this.

The act that opened the the show was Ken Pomeroy, a young woman from Oklahoma who at age 21 has already been writing songs for over a decade. There is no doubt this is an artist to keep an eye out for....she's super talented and entirely likable. I loved her song "Pareidolia" and the brand new "Cicadas".

During that opening set, a man at our table pointed out Sam Beam at the bar right next to us, better known by his stage name Iron & Wine. If you haven't heard Sam, he's a celebrated indie fok musician, and the evening's headliner. He opened his solo set with the potent "All in Good Time". On the album it's a duet with Fiona Apple, with a full string arrangement. But in this room, all alone, it was powerful for it's lyrics and simplicity.

All in good time, I gave it my best

I was alone 'til I found myself

Grew up to be a man more or less

All in good time

Other hightlists included "Cutting It Close" and "Sweet Talk" from the new album Light Verse as well as classics like "Naked As We Came" and "Call It Dreaming".

Huge thank you to my friend Kate for the invite. Seeing such talented musicians in a small setting can't be beat. Thanks to the Newport Festivals Foundation team for such a well run event.

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