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Rodrigo y Gabriela - College Street Music Hall 5/8/24

What started as a fully seated (no GA) reserved crowd, turned into a flamenco/metal dance party last night at College Street for Rodrigo y Gabriela. Every person I spoke to who had seen them live told the same story, you have to catch this band live to understand. After a wildly entertaining set last night, I'd do my best to pass the word to others who haven't seen them. This current tour is in support of their 2023 album 'In Between Thoughts...A New World"

This duo plays all instrumentals, mixing flamenco guitar with some electric in styles ranging from folk to metal. Their musical partnership of over 30 years is beautiful and unique to watch. It's hard to imagine when closing your eyes that there are only two musicians on stage playing dueling guitars in a ferocious style.

Their musical talents were only exceeded by their gracious and warm personalities, it's impossible not to like and become fans of theirs. The evening's best moment came two-thirds through the show when the pair came and sat on the edge of the stage. A few couples who had been dancing on the sides came down front and soon a few hundred people rushed the stage and the remainder of the evening turned into a dance party.

The band hadn't played New Haven in nine years. Addressing the crowd, Rodrigo who clearly didn't remember playing in New Haven joked "it was a really special night". The crowd was incredibly appreciative of the band's artistry and gave them a warm sendoff.

Just steps from the venue we thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Midpoint Istanbul. They have a nice back patio which was perfect on a warm mid-spring evening- at least until it poured rain. Smooth transition inside!

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