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Spotify Singles - The Originals

Beginning in 2016, Spotify started inviting artists to their studios to record a few songs. The format is simple - artists record a version of one of their songs, and then do a cover song. The results of that multi year effort has become a towering musical achievement - the Spotify Singles collection.

This playlist shines a light on the artist originals. For fans, its a chance to hear a new version of songs they likely know, in perfect studio quality. Some of the tracks sound like their album cuts, some are in front of small audiences, others are strpped down versions.

There have been over 900 different artists who have recorded for the series. These tracks are selected for the way that they work together. They represent indie, folk, americana, and roots artists.

If you enjoy these recordings, there are hundreds more to explore.

Keep an eye out for our playlist of the Spotify Singles Covers as well.

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