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St. Paul and the Broken Bones - College Street Music Hall - New Haven, CT 4/23/24

See this band because Paul Janeway, lead singer of St Paul and the Broken Bones, is a mesmerizing performer. Enough so that Sir Elton John had him perform at his Oscar party in 2017. His physical and vocal energy provided incredible entertainment during a lively set last night at College Street. Paul was everywhere; on his knees singing, laying across the drum kit, in the crowd, and cutting across the loge's first row. He started the evening in a black suit - and donned the sparkly cape halfway through the set.

The 9-piece band offered an upbeat mix of soul, funk, rock, and disco. Their most well-known track "Call Me" came early in the set. Many of the songs featured were love songs - starting slowly and ending with a crescendo of horns, drums, and Paul's soaring falsetto. My favorite of the evening was "The Grass Is Always Greener"

You got to give me time

Please don't leave me baby, I can't have you leaving me

That ole grass ain't greener

I know baby cause I have been there

Another highlight was "Sea Star" from last year's 'Angels in Science Fiction' album.

Look out there

That's where our call's from

Deep in the ocean brew

Used to be greener

Life's trees grow here

Now it's condos and land town

This whole evening came together a day before thanks to the kindness of my friend Bobby who offered up his tickets when he couldn't make it, setting off a chain reaction of laughter, delicious New Haven food, and soul-shaking funk music. Many thanks - next time we'll go together BG.

Having two of your oldest and closest friends and concert buddies join you on an impromptu night out will fill the bucket for a while. I never feel more like myself than with these folks.

Dining Notes

  • When the corner spot opens on a busy Friday at BAR, you know it's your night. In a town full of pizza titans, BAR never disappoints. Don't skip on the house salad.

  • Coming out of the theater and not wanting to end the night, we couldn't resist the smells coming from the birthplace of the hamburger - Louis Lunch. The "cheese works" was even better than I remembered. Remarkable even.

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