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The Christmas Playlist

The Christmas Playlist began as a CD, around 2007. It was anchored around the Stevie Wonder song "One Little Christmas Tree" and the rest of the tracks fit that groove. I remember bringing it to a friend in the hospital who had been in an accident. It played each year among our social set.

Once on Spotify, the Christmas Playlist began to grow each year. Its scope widened. Kids may have been involved. Genres were ignored. In some cases, proudly refined musical tastes were also. It covers seven or eight decades. This is after all a Xmas playlist, and with that comes a certain amount of randomness. You have to take the good with the meh, like the holidays themselves.

The holidays represent something different for everyone - joy, sorrow, weariness, love, hope, and nostalgia, just to name a few. As such, this playlist aims to have something for everyone - the classics, the B sides, the newcomers, the whimsical. It's for the hipsters and traditionists, the grandmas, and the kids. Skip what you need to. It's ridiculous and fascinating. There will likely be clunkers. Without a doubt there are gems. It depends on where YOU are. It's fourteen+ hours. Put it on shuffle for sure.

Whatever your level of holiday spirit, I hope you find something here that brings out the joy and eases the burden of the season.

Merry Christmas.

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