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The Cowboy Junkies - The Kate - Old Saybrook, CT 2/20/24

I fell into a trance during a bluesy groove toward the beginning of the second set of the Cowboy Junkies sold-out show at the Katherine Hepburn Cultural Center (the "Kate") last night. For me, this extended ten-minute jam anchored and offered a defining moment for the evening. Speaking after the show, my friends had similar experiences. I loved the contrast of Margo Timmins's distinctive sultry vocals against the fuzzy guitar, dreamy drum and bass interplay, a gentle blues harp, or subtle mandolin. This 10-minute jam wasn't expected, which made it exciting and powerful.

This Canadian alt-country band has been playing together for over 35 years and features Margo's two brothers on drums and guitar. A family affair. A recently released new album titled 'Such Ferocious Beauty' should give a few clues as to their outlook. Try "What I Lost" or band favorite "Circe and Penelope"

Other Highlights of the evening: "Sweet Jane", "Misguided Angel", and the wistful "The Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning".

There's something about an afternoon

spent doing nothing

Just listening to records

and watching the sun falling

The Kate is an absolutely beautiful venue, hosting music and arts events over 300+ nights a year. The memorabilia alone is worth a visit.

This night out, so accessible and full of enjoyable moments, reminded me of one of the night's most poignant songs "The River Waltz" - part of a song trilogy woven across different albums.

In return I'll request a small sanctuary

By her banks where we will live with our small family

She will water our garden and clean the dirt from our skin.

While the world clamours at our door

We will dance and not let them in.

Can't miss pre-show dinner suggestion - sit at the bar at Penny Lane Pub, just a few short blocks down the street. Our group of three introverts, two of whom didn't know each other, soon made friends everywhere. Laughter followed. Great music behind the bar and we learned the gentleman behind the taps is going into the studio soon to record an album. Music connects us all.

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