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Tracking Sound

At its best moments, there is combustion when sound and film combine. The most iconic scenes in movie history prominently feature songs and sounds, both familiar and unknown, with powerful effects. For the viewer, the addition of sound adds another element, more texture. A further connection to the scene.

It had been many years since I had crossed paths with Eric Lichter, the owner of the incredibly charming Dirt Floor Studios. Growing up I had known him as an accomplished musician. He's built a unique and enchanting music studio in a log cabin on top of a hill in rural Haddam, CT. Dirt Floor Studios has become a booming business.

I'm incredibly grateful to have been a part of the discussion when a combination of movie production, sound recording and engineering, and songwriting talent met to delve into the prospects of creating a movie soundtrack for a film in post-production.

Together we watched a rough cut of the film while discussing tone, essential scenes that demand certain song styles, character arcs, cinematic musical influences, and likely genres that fit the film's mood. Some of the musical placeholders in the existing cut were helpful to see how changes could be adopted, while other scenes begged for music where none yet existed.

All the while a fire burned in the fireplace and dogs of various sizes cuddled up and reluctantly shared their couch space.

On this particular day, no music was recorded, but the groundwork was laid. Schedules were synched and ideas flowed. Somewhere between the artistic and business sides of the project, the creatives in the room found their middle ground and it was hard not to feel optimistic that it was all coming together. Now "past the polite part", the energy will be directed to the artistic pairing of film and music. I am incredibly excited and intrigued to see how the process unfolds.

Huge thanks to my friend Brian for the invitation and for trusting my perspective.

Much love to Eric and the team at Dirt Floor - Guido and Elijah - for the warm welcome and chillest vibes around.

Beyond thankful to have met a new friend, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter Wesley Jensen.

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