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Waxahatchee - Toad's Place - New Haven, CT 4/25/24

There was a ton of anticipation for me leading into this show, for two reasons At one time, Toad's Place was my musical home base, a venue everyone played coming through New Haven. Would it feel the same twenty years on? I've also been a huge Waxahatchee fan over the last few years and was excited to see them live for the first time.

"Right Back To It"

I've been yours for so long

We come right back to it

I let my mind run wild

I don't know why I do it

You just settle in

Like a song, with no end

Katie Crutchfield is one of the best singers in the Alt-Country genre. This tour, supporting her latest Brad Cook-produced album 'Tigers Blood' follows the same critically acclaimed path as her last album 'St. Cloud'. The show drew material from these two albums and a couple of Plains songs (her fantastic collaboration with Jess Williamson).  Katie's band was outstanding, featuring guitar, pedal steel, bass, keyboard and Spencer Tweedy on drums.

Katie's voice was just stunning live - and was the star of the evening. It's the kind of voice that can give you the chills, whether on the slower ballads or more up-tempo rockers and it hasn't left my head since the show ended.

Highlights included "Can't Do Much", "Problem With It", "Lilacs" and the haunting "365"...

Three-hundred and sixty-five days

Tell me I'm your lucky charm

We defy gravity again

Somehow make it out unharmed

And I have my thoughts about it but

I carry you in my arms anyway, ooh

Shoutout to my new friend Wesley for making the drive for our first show together. I loved our music conversation over dinner at Barracudas.

We only caught the end of Good Morning's set, but the crowd was impressed with the performance - give them a listen.

I am so grateful for this evening which included a perfect blend of a classic venue, gorgeous music, and an appreciative audience.

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