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Dawes - The Capitol Theatre 12/29/23

Stories Don't End

Sometimes, a night doesn't turn out like you think it will. A friend who had urged me to get tickets to Dawes became sick at the last minute - and no subs were available. The thought of bailing never really occurred to me. I went anyway and was rewarded for the effort with a beautiful and soul-affirming evening.

Billed as the 10th anniversary of the Dawes album 'Stories Don't End', Dawes put on a fantastic show last night at the Cap. The band played that album in its entirety to begin the show. If you aren't familiar with Dawes, their songs feature meaningful lyrics and stories to attach to their stellar musicianship. This album in particular is rich with exceptional lyrics, and it was great to hear the songs stretched out live. Highlights from the album included "From A Window Seat", "Most People" and the Blake Mills cover "Hey Lover". During the introduction for "Most People", lead singer Taylor Goldsmith expressed his infinite gratitude for the "mythical, iconic" Capitol Theatre.

"Most People"

And she thinks, "Most people don't talk enough about how lucky they are

Most people don't know what it takes for me to get through the day

Most people don't talk enough about the love in their hearts"

But she doesn't know most people feel that same way

Goldsmith told the crowd how nice it was to revisit the older material, some of which (such as the title track) hadn't been played live in years. If you think of seeing Dawes, their live show will not disappoint you. I was more familiar with their studio work and was immensely pleased with the variety of the live show, and the musical talents of the band. Whether you connect with lyrics or notes, fancy guitar work or heartfelt ballads, Dawes show delivers. The setlist for the evening can be found here.

After finishing the album, the band took a short break, then came back to play a five-song set of their other material, including fan favorites "A Little Bit of Everything" and "When My Time Comes".

The closer "All Your Favorite Bands" delivers songwriting gold, and what one can only wish for their loved ones and concert friends into the New Year, and always.

"I hope the world sees the same person that you always were to me

And may all your favorite bands stay together".

If you need a quick bite pre-show and are in the mood for Mexican, try Taqueria La Picardia right across the street from the Cap. The owner understands the audience and is on the bus.

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