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Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors/The Head and the Heart - Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY 11/1/23

Grabbing last minute tickets as a result of another postponed concert on the same night, this evening felt like a fortunate turn toward good luck.

Opening act Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors won over the audience quickly. Drew is engaging and charming onstage. He noted that they were excited to have been invited to play in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and told the audience that this was their chance to see him lip synch for the first time in his career. He playfully admitted that he got a lyric wrong on "The Morning Song" - singing about dancing like "drunk children" instead of "drunk sailors". Highlights included a great cover of Adele's "When We Were Young", playlist favorite "Find Your People", and the raucous set closer "Dance with Somebody". 'They will be back in the area 4/11/24 at Fairfield Theatre Company's Warehouse if you want to catch them.

Both bands on the bill on this night write songs from the heart, full of big emotions. A strong fanbase in the crowd for the Head and the Heart were ready to connect, to dance, to sing along. The band called out the hardcore fans in the front who attend multiple shows, and routinely bake cookies for them. They spoke of feeling like family after touring for ten years together. They even decided collectively to all perform sober for the duration of the tour, for the first time. You could see the results of that decision in their cohesiveness with each other, and the audience. As they said, "you're all part of the family now".

After so many years together, The Head and the Heart have a ton of great material. Highlights included "Let's Be Still" a short but moving "Honeybee", a rowdy "Missed Connection" and "Down In the Valley". The most poignant song of the night may have been one of the encores "Shake" - if you were in the loge/balcony you can feel the whole building doing just that. The Cap has a cool light show broadcast up on the walls, on this night including ghosts, that adds to the feel of the experience - band/fans/venue all in this together.

The full setlist is here.

Shoutout to Bar Taco for several rounds of delicious margaritas and for making us feel welcomed by the incredibly busy but accommodating staff. Craving those mushroom tacos this morning.

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