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Inhaler - House of Blues - Boston, MA 3/18/23

Inhaler played to packed crowd at the Citizen's House of Blues last night. The queue outside the venue stretched all the way down Lansdowne prior to doors opening.

This was our first time in the Foundation Room, a private VIP area that the public can buy access to for the evening. Ticket's were $25 apiece - separate from the concert ticket. On a cold night with the local bars packed due to the St. Patrick's Day activity, the warm fire and relative space of the Foundation Room were a welcome pre-show stop. A quiet coat check is a nice perk as well. From this room you can go right into the show, and back again....beating the crowd.

Sun Room, from LA, opened the show. These lads had their own (mostly female) following and play a blend of rock, punk, and surf guitar. The played a nice cover of the Stones "Get Off Of My Cloud" as well as a some of their more well known tunes like "Crash My Bike" and "Sol Del Sur".

Inhaler took the stage and opened with one of their most powerful songs "These Are The Days". The crowd in the general admission area on the floor went crazy. For a band that's new to most fans in the US, there was a lot of love in the room. Touring off their latest album 'Cuts and Bruises' the band had the full attention of the audience - from the packed floor, to fans lining the rails of the middle level, and all the way up the balcony. There's no denying the familiar sound in frontman Eli's voice, he sounds just like of his famous father Bono. The band have a ton of energy and fall into the indie rock category. Other standout tracks included "Love Will Get You There" and the first encore "If You're Gonna to Break My Heart".

As the crowd spilled out into the street outside Fenway, blending in with the already raucous masses clothed in green, for many the night was just getting started.

Concert Playlist

The Foundation Room

Sun Room


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