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Sound on Sound Music Festival - Seaside Park - Bridgeport, CT 9/30/23 - Day 1

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Sound on Sound delivered a quality product in it's second year, finding it's identity with a stacked lineup that had a lot for music lovers to get excited about. Although the headliners often get the acclaim, these two days were full of fantastic music starting early in the afternoon.

After a wobbly inaugural year, Sound on Sound made a number of improvements that really enhanced the experience of the attendees - food vendors, bathrooms, sightlines and sound quality were all much improved over the previous year.

It was my fourth time seeing Joy Oladokun and although their laugh may have gotten slightly deeper, it's still one of the best things going in music today. Once you see them in person - you instantly become a fan. Highlights from their set included "Keeping the Lights On", "Changes", "Sunday/What if God Was One of Us (Joan Osborne Cover)" and "Rocket Man" (Elton John cover).

The most rousing set of the day belonged to Nathanial Rateliff, which is no surprise to anyone who has seen him recently. We could feel the bass in our chests on "Face Down In the Moment", even back on the GA lawn. His first breakthrough track "S.O.B." may have been the most crowd pleasing, and the most poignant. The power in his voice is unmistakable and captivating.

Hey Mama, can't stand around and sing Hey baby, where we gonna be Hey Mama, I'm tired of what I see And I can't bother to wait if people don't want to change

Saying, love don't treat ya like that Don't tell me I don't know I know that love won't treat you like that I won't let go

"Love Don't"

As the sun finally came out at golden hour, Lord Huron led into a funky set by the Trey Anastasio band. TAB is a huge party on stage balancing songs by Phish ("The Moma Dance", "Everything's Right" and "First Tube") with TAB originals. The highlight was the opening number "Set Your Soul Free". That's what a festival is supposed to do. Let you suspend your routine for a day/weekend. Festivals have rhythms and souls and for each attendee its a different path of random encounters, and missed connections. This festival found it's groove this year, and I'll look forward to visiting Seaside Park next year as well.

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